Over 400 people at American Premiere in Ashland, Oregon

We had a really great time at Ashland Independent Film Festival, Oregon. The travel went smoothly apart from one lost suitcase which had our sheep in, but all was well in the end and they were brought back to us the following day! Joys of travelling! Freshly off the plane, we were warmly welcome by both staff and volunteers at the festival and were interviewed live by Television Reporter at KDRV NewsWatch 12 to talk about Addicted to Sheep’s screening and our miniature sheep which local businesses The Web-sters, Ashland Springs Hotel and Bloomsbury Bookshop kindly offered to host in their shop windows during the festival. And of course a big Thank You to Julia Knott from F’git-me-knott Designs who made an extra bigger set of sheep which we could put in our luggage!

Websters ATS2

On the 8th of April, over 400 people, festival goers, wool lovers and farmers came to the Q&A screening. We were a bit nervous but relaxed when people started to laugh in the right places! Following the Q&A we had great feedback. People commented on the the authenticity of the film and the fact that the children stole the show! A lovely man who is from Halifax, England but has lived in Oregon for a long time was very touched by the memories the film brought back and even had some tears in his eyes. It was a very touching moment for us all. We did have a few people suggesting we add subtitles though if we are to take the film further to the American market so watch this space! We’ll keep working on ways to get the film shown more widely and hopefully released in the NTSC format and online. Overall we’d say it was a great success!

ATS Screening April 8 2016 Audience

MovieMaker once wrote that Ashland Independent Film Festival is one of the coolest festival in the world. We agree!

Thanks to all of you who have supported us ahead of the American Premiere and to Rogue Creamery who sponsored the screening and to all other sponsors and supporters including our hosts without whom it couldn’t have happened. From the beginning to the end we had a very memorable time.

After the festival, we visited a few places in Oregon. We couldn’t resist having traveled 26 hours and took 3 flights. From Redwood Forests (border with California) to a scenic drive along the Oregon Coast, it was simply majestic. Such a beautiful place to live in and it was warm and sunny most of the time, also a nice change from England! We learnt a lot about the American culture during our trip and thought we’d share a few photos of the screenings and the places we visited while in Oregon! Now we are back at work and recovering from Jet Lag!

ATS Screening April 9 2016 LR