Special Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is fast approaching and we can help you find the perfect present! We now have a limited edition of Addicted to Sheep T-Shirts which can only be purchased from our website here. They come in size S, M, L, XL and XXL but we only have a limited number for each! We also have 2 gift packs available at a reduced price and of course individual items such as DVDs, mugs, tote bags, cinema posters as well as needle felted miniature sheep made by Julia Knott. Please visit our online shop here. If you have any questions please do get in touch with me at magali@provenancefilms.com

As we know that all our American and Canadian followers have been desperately waiting to see it on DVD but up to now we have only been able to produce PAL versions of the DVDs which can only be watched on computers in the US and Canada, Journeyman Pictures will produce DVDs on demand on our behalf for you. If you would like to make a Christmas gift to yourself or a loved one please contact Milo Riley-Smith at publicity@journeyman.tv and write in the subject box ‘Addicted to Sheep NTSC DVD’.

And for our French supporters, bonne nouvelle! Le film est maintenant disponible en version originale PAL avec les sous-titres français depuis notre boutique en ligne ici! La bande annonce sous-titrée peut être visionnée ici. Le cadeau de Noël parfait! Si vous avez des questions n’ hésitez pas à nous contacter à l’adresse suivante magali@provenancefilms.com.