It’s great news!! We have done it!
Thanks to the support of 178 people & The Heart of Teesdale & HLF
Who helped us raise £9,163
We have now completed the edit of Addicted to Sheep!
To help us take the film to audiences, SEE BELOW!

4 years in the making, please can you give us 3 minutes of your time. Enjoy watching a little hello from the Director Magali about her very personal filmmaking journey.

Please Help Us!

We have the footage, we have the team but we need your help to take the film to a big screen and wider audience!

Our goal was to raise £7,000 by the 30th of April 2014 and we have done it with your help!

It’s a great feeling. And now, with a wave of goodwill towards our film, will you please help us imagine an even more successful campaign? If you wanted to be part of it but haven’t had the chance to yet, you still can!

After 3 months of edit, we are proud to say we have completed our first Indie Feature Length Documentary Addicted to Sheep. However, post-production isn’t the final step in making a film. Now that the film is made, there are still festival submissions to pay for, legal, distribution and promotional costs to name but a few. Our post-production budget was small and largely based on a lot of good will from our small team who have all put their heart and soul into the film. If we can raise further funds, that just means a finished film without seeking out other funds further down the line. It means we could share our 85 minutes film with the participants who have waited 4 years to see it sooner. It also means we could submit Addicted to Sheep to international film festivals with the care and attention it deserves, to give it the best chance to reach its audience worldwide. Read our blog to find out more about why we are keeping the campaign open.

You can still be part of our campaign!

As we are using our own website, we will keep the donate page open while we are entering the film into film festivals and working on our distribution strategy. If you would like to support us, we would love you to be part of this special film.

How to donate

You can donate using PayPal via pressing the pink donate buttons below.  If you would prefer to donate using other payment options, please contact us directly at

To discuss playing a greater role in the distribution of the film or in sponsoring bespoke packages such as a Q&A with the Director and exclusive private screenings please contact the Director

Thank you for helping us to make and distribute our feature-length documentary Addicted to Sheep which tells the story of an ordinary farming family and their exceptional way of life.

Once you have pledged, share the project with your friends and family and ask them to pledge too, it will make your pledge worthwhile and will help us to reach the big screen and a wider audience. Please choose a reward, join us and be a part of this special film project.

Terms & Conditions

For information about what happens to your money once you have pledged, and alternative ways to make a donation, please see our Frequently Asked Questions document.

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Wall of Thanks ……………………

Exceptional independent films only happen with a lot of support.  Thank you to those who have shared our journey and helped to complete our special film.

Wall of Thanks Addicted to Sheep