The continued impact of Addicted to Sheep: it has reached over 1.6 million viewers!

School Reprieved

Some of you will already know that earlier this year Forest-of-Teesdale School which featured in Addicted to Sheep was threatened to be closed by Durham County Council as it was seen as not being viable. It was sad news for the children, the parents and the community on a whole. We made some clips from the film available for them to use and show the benefits of having a small school in a rural area both for the children and the community. We are now delighted to say that after a lot of hard work from the School Board, the parents, the community and all of you who have signed a petition and showed your support Durham County Council decided to keep it open for now and for a lot longer we hope. Great news and a relief for everyone involved.

Addicted to Sheep Forest-of-Teesdale School

Artists, Farmers and Philosophers Symposium 2016

In September Director/Producer Magali Pettier had the pleasure to be invited to be a Keynote Speaker at the Heart of Teesdale Artists, Farmers and Philosophers Symposium in Barnard Castle, Teesdale, UK. She explored the importance of people in the landscape and how increasingly farmers and non farmers have to understand and respect each other as they all play a vital role in the landscape.

Tom and Kay Hutchinson were part of a panel at the Farmers’ session and gave their first presentation! They were a bit nervous but as usual they did a grand job in sharing their knowledge of what life on a farm is like.

A lot of interesting debates took place at the 3-day event. You can catch up on all the talks which have now been made available to everyone thanks to Ewan Allinson, Heart of Teesdale and HLF. Please follow this link. For Magali’s talk go to session 2 and to listen to Tom and Kay go to session 3.


Reaching more people everyday

The 60 min version of Addicted to Sheep has now been shown on BBC4 six times and with over 330 screenings of our 85 min version since its release we can safely say that the film has reached over 1.6 million viewers! Not bad for an independent film made and distributed by a very tiny teeny team!

The film has raised a lot of interest and discussions online. Here are a few comments we received. We love to receive feedback so a big Thank You if you shared your thoughts with us.

“I have just watched your documentary on BBC Four. It is by far the best factual programme I have seen for a very very long time. Totally fascinating as you don’t judge, discriminate, guide, narrate, advise. You let the pictures, characters and the natural flow of events unfurl into brilliant insight into a very hard way of life and let the viewer decide on the outcome of events.”

“I watched your film tonight as I ate my mutton broth. I was delighted, from the opening scene it was a joy. It put me in a really  good mood,  that there is someone who is making such a sensitive, moving and  funny film.”