Week Six – Tales from the Edit – Showing a rough cut to the family

Tom and Kay watching the rough cut of Addicted to Sheep

Filming for us is a joint venture between subject and crew.  Before the start of filming, we discussed why we wanted to make this film and the story we wanted to tell.  4 years on, and with many twists and turns in between we hoped the final film conveyed the original themes and sensibility.

After lots of time in the edit, the team decided it was finally time to show the family a rough cut. We thought the film was at a stage that would give them a good enough idea of how the finished film would be. We wanted to make sure that they felt we portrayed their way of life and that of the community accurately and with integrity.

We were nervous.   ‘Are they going to like it?  What do we do, if they don’t?’

Luckily for us they did!  They laughed all the way through.

With their positive feedback in mind, we went back into the edit and knew that whatever we did next could only make a better film.  With colour grading, music and the final sound mix to be completed we’re nearly there.