BBC Countryfile and BBC4 TV Version

A couple of weeks ago, The Hutchinsons who feature in Addicted to Sheep and Director Magali Pettier had the pleasure to be filming together one more time at the farm. But this time it was by a team from the BBC for a ‘Winter Special’ for BBC Countryfile. The Hutchinsons who spoke to Matt Baker about their passion for sheep, the challenges they face as hill farmers in the winter and their motive for letting Magali Pettier film their lives will feature in the programme in a 6 min piece on Sunday 31st January from 7.00pm. More details here. Some clips of Addicted to Sheep will also be included in the programme. Help us spread the word!

BBC Countryfile Filming Day 17

And more good news, over the last few months BBC4 have been working with the Addicted to Sheep team to make a 60 min TV version based on our 85 min cinema version. Naturally we were a little bit nervous at first as we had worked so hard to make the 85 min cinema version, our ‘labour of love’ which we felt had the pace that would do justice to the lives that farmers lead. But what was also important for us was that we could reach as many people as possible so more people would find out about tenant hill farming, where our food comes from and the challenges that farmers face in general. And so after reflection we thought a TV version would help us do that. We are now pleased to say that the 60 min version has been signed off and that it will be broadcast for the first time on BBC4 on the 8th of February at 9.00pm. Although it was hard to cut 25 min from our ‘labor of love’ we think that the 60 minute BBC TV cut retains the essential elements of the original allowing us all to experience life on a hill farm without having to get dirty! But deep down, we still feel that it won’t beat watching the cinema version on a big screen where the pace is slower and more time is given to the viewer to enjoy the landscapes but this way we have something for everyone and we can get more people aware of what goes on on our door step!

The cinema version is still touring across the UK, so if you like the TV version and you want to see more, you can find out about our upcoming screenings here or our cinema version is now available on DVD too from our online shop!