Making life-size sheep

We wanted to take real sheep with us to the World Premiere of Addicted to Sheep. However, for obvious reasons it wasn’t possible. As an indie film we were keen to collaborate with people who believed in the spirit of our DIY approach, talented artists coming together to share a passion for sheep!

Back in March we were introduced to Julia Knott, from F’git-me-Knott Designs. Julia is a felted sheep maker from Cumbria. She has many strings to her bow, and makes all kinds of sheep, (particularly Swaledales and Herdwicks) big and small. Using the wool from the flock of The Hutchinson family who feature in our film, Julia made 2 sets of Swaledale sheep (one life-size set and one half size). They have taken many man hours to complete and a lot of skills and patience were required! Julia took pictures of the process for us so we thought you might like to see how they were made!

We will be taking the sheep far and wide in the next few months, their first outing having been Sheffield Doc/Fest from June 5-10. They have been much admired on our first outing! If you would like to have one of your own, please visit Julia’s website here.